7 Absolutely free websites to download free stock images

If you are a blogger or Youtuber then you will definitely need copyright free stock images for your blog and Youtube channel.

As you all know that piracy is a crime. You cannot use any person’s content on the internet. If you ever use someone’s images and videos anywhere on your website, Youtube or  Internet, then you can get a copyright issue. And your website/blog can be banned due to copyright.

Now the thing comes, that from where we will get copyright-free images. The first way is to create images for your website and blog by yourself, either you can use paid websites to buy images for your blog/websites.

But the best thing is that, on the internet, you will also get the websites to download free images. From these websites, you can download the copyright-free images. If you download images from these websites and you use them on your blogs/ websites or youtube, then you will not even get a copyright issue.



Free Websites To Download Free Stock Images

Today at Thegeneralstore.in we will tell you about copyright-free image downloading websites. These all the websites are free and you can download millions of free images from these websites.



1.  Pixabay

Free Websites To Download Free Stock Images


Pixabay is one of the best copyright-free images downloading website. On pixabay, you can get over 1 million + high resolutions free stock images. On pixabay, you also get the high-quality free videos that you can use on your youtube channel.

I have also used pixabay images on my blog. The best thing about this free image downloading website is that you get the free illustration and free vectors on this website. Pixabay also provides a free mobile application for android and iOS users.



2.   Unsplash

Websites To Download Free Stock Images


Unsplash is another free source of beautiful and freely useable images. From unsplash, you can download high-resolution free stock images and you can use them without any copyright issue. The quality of the images is absolutely high.

On unsplash, you will get free Wallpapers, Textures & patterns, Events, Bussiness, foods, and drinks, Nature, Fashion related images. Download free stock images from unsplash and use them without any copyright restrictions.



3. Pexels

Websites To Download Free Stock Images


Pexels is also a great source of millions of free images. On pexels, you can get high-quality images for free that you can use on your blog/website and presentations.

Instead of these, pexels also provide you free high-quality videos like pixabay.



4.  Foodie Feed

Websites To Download Free Stock Images


The Foodie feed website is best for the food bloggers. If you don’t find the copyright-free images for your foodie blog then I recommend you to visit foodies feed once.

On foodie feed, you get the best high-resolution images. Its totally free and believe me that it provides high-quality foodie images.



5.  Flickr

Websites To Download Free Stock Images


Flickr is a website where you get thousands of photos shared by millions of groups. On Flickr, you get the high-quality free stock images for your use. Nature, animals, food, technology, fashion related images are available on Flickr.

Flickr also provides a mobile application for android users.



6.  StockSnap

Websites To Download Free Stock Images


Like all the above websites stocksnap is another copyright-free image downloading website. On stocksnap, you get the beautiful free stock photos. The quality and resolution of the photos are high.
On stocksnap hundreds of high-resolution images are added weekly. These all the images are copyright free.



7. Visual Hunt


download free stock images


Visual hunt is another great source to download Baby & Kids, Bath, Bedroom, Dining, Fashion, Garage, Home Decor, Home Gym, Home Office, Kitchen, Living, Outdoor, Pet, Living, Furniture related free stock images. The quality and resolution of the pictures is high.

Like the above websites, the visual hunt is totally free and provides copyright-free images.



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7 Absolutely free websites to download free stock images

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