How to make money from blogging

How to make money from blogging ?

If you are a blogger or you have just started blogging then you will surely have a question in your mind that how to make money from blogging ? Can we really make money from blogging? or not ? There will be so many such questions in your mind.

Yes ! You can make money from blogging. In India you will find many bloggers who are earning lots of money from blogging. You must have heard about the Shout me loud blog, Which is India’s largest award winning blog. Their one month income is close to 25 lakh INR. Apart from this, there are many more blogs like labnol.orgtrak.inbloggerspassion etc  whose monthly income is more than 1.5 million INR.

Now you might be wondering, how anyone can earn so much money from blogging ? Yes ! A person can earn so much money from a blog. Today in this post we will tell you some of the best methods used to make money from blogging.

All the professional bloggers uses these methods to earn money from blogging. Now  you can also create your own blog and use these methods to make money from a blog.


Best methods to make money from blogging

You can use many methods to make money from a blog. Below we have told you about some best and popular ways with which you can make a lots of money from blogging. These methods are :-

  • Advertisement networks
  • Amazon , ebay affiliate marketing
  • Web hosting affiliate programs


1.  Advertisement networks

How to make money from blogging

On the Internet, you will find many advertisements networks like google adsense. You will already know about google adsense, which is one of the best advertisement network.

Besides Google adsense there are many other ads networks too, like, infolinks, propeller ads, chitika etc. You can earn money by putting the banners and links of these ad networks on your blog.
Among all of these ad networks ,adsense is the best and highest paying ad network. And then .
To earn money from one of these ad network you first have to take approval of that network on your website/blog. Some of them may not ask for this procedure.

All these networks pay you money instead of ad clicks & ad impressions. If you have good traffic on your blog then you will get good ad clicks & impressions and your earning will also get better. This is the first method to make money from blogging.


2. Amazon, ebay affiliate marketing

How to make money from blogging

You can also make money without the adsense and other ad networks. You can use affiliate marketing on your blog to make money.

Largest ecommerce companies like amazon and ebay has started their affiliate programs. You can join their affiliate programs. Its totally free !

You have to sell the products of these companies. You can sell any items like electronics , fitness related , kitchen appliances , accessories etc. To promote thse products you can use the affiliate links and banner on your blog.
I have also joined the Amazon Affiliate Program and have also add their banners on my blog.

Now have to know that how affiliate marketing gives money. When a visitor comes to your blog and  if he clicks on the affiliate links/banner then he is redirected to the their website. Now if he/she buy that product then you will get some commission  from that company.

This is the  best method to make money online at home. You can share product’s affiliate links on your social media accounts too or you can create an affiliate website. The more the product you sell the more the money you will get.

Due to this reason most of professional bloggers think affiliate marketing is better than ad networks.

If your blog’s niche is related to mobile, tech, electronics , fitness etc then with the use of this method on your blog you can earn enough money to live.


3.  Web hosting affiliate programs

How to make money from blogging

If our blog’s niche is related to blogging or web hosting , than with this method you can earn lots of money.

Many web hosting companies like bluehost, hostgator, resellerclub, A2 hosting etc has started their affiliate programs. You can join their affiliate programs for free.

Web hosting affiliate programs are similar to the amazon / ebay affiliate marketing. In this you only have to do affiliate marketing of web hosting.

After joining the affiliate programs of a web hosting company you get the affiliate link . Also you get the affiliate banners which you can use on your blog or website for their promotions.

I have also listed the affiliate banners of bluehost and A2 hosting on this blog.

Now know that how much money you can make from the web hosting affiliate programs. If a visitor click on your hosting affiliate link and purchase a hosting of that company, then you can get upto $45.

Even this some companies like A2 hosting can pay you money upto $85 for per sign up.

Most of the blogger whose niche is related to blogging & hosting uses this method to make money from a blog. Even the professional bloggers uses this method to earn money from blogging.



4.  Selling products

How to make money from blogging

Selling products on your blog is also a great way to make money from a blog. You can sell any types of products on your blog , like digital products camera,laptop, mobile etc.
Depands on your blog niche you can sell anything from your blog.
You can sell ebooks on blogging, affiliate marketing tips & guide. There are many bloggers in india who uses this method to make money from a blog.

This method really works and you can make money from this method.


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How to make money from blogging

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