What is web hosting and hosting meaning ?

If you are a blogger or have just started blogging, you will often know about web hosting. If you don’t know what is web hosting and hosting meaning ? Today in this post we will give you full information about web hosting.

Often many of us choose the wrong hosting for our website. Because of which they have many difficulties later or their website may not work properly or site may be crashed.

Before buying a hosting, It is very important to have complete information about hosting, what is web hosting? and types of hosting ? Only then will you be able to purchase a good web hosting for your website.


What is web hosting ?

Simply put, web hosting is a type of storage where you store your website and website’s  files, photos, videos, But this web hosting/storage is 24×7 connected with the internet.

Due to connection with internet we can access that website and its content on our desktop or mobile.

Many web hosting companies like godaddy, hostgator, bluehost etc have thousands of web servers engaged.  When we buy a web hosting from these companies they give us a web server and on that server we host our website.

Due to this web server anyone at any location on earth can access our website and its informations.


How web hosting works ?

After knowing what is web hosting, let’s know how web hosting works.

After purchasing hosting, you have to add the domain of your website to that hosting. DNS are used to connect domains to hosting. DNS stands for domain name system. If you are using the smae company’s domain & hosting then you don’t have to use the DNS.

All the data and information you put into your website, get stored in that hosting. Now whenever someone wants to access your website’s data and informations, then he has to type your website’s domain name (https://www.thegeneralstore.in )on the Internet.

After that the internet will add the domain name of your website to your hosting’s web server where you had stored your website’s data and informations. And now he can access all the data & informations on your website.


Types of web hosting

Basically the hosting is of three types. But now the another hosting type has been added to the web  hosting. These four types of hosting are :-

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting


1. What is Shared hosting ?

Shared hosting is a hosting service in which many websites reside on one web server.In other words im shared hosting one web server is shared by many website users. You can see the below image in which multiple user using the same web server.

What is web hosting and hosting meaning ?

In shared hosting its resources and bandwidth are shared among all the websites reside on that server. In this type of hosting once website’s activity can effect other websites on that server.

All new bloggers and website developers, they choose to shared hosting, because shared hosting is very cheap than other types of hosting.


2. What is VPS hosting ?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In VPS hosting you have your own space on a web server that is partition into number of private environment.

What is web hosting and hosting meaning ?

In VPS hosting other user may reside on same server as you but in VPS hosting your space is shared by you alone and you don’t have to share bandwidth and resources with other users like the shared hosting.

VPS hosting is bit expensive but in this hosting you get the better security, privacy and performance.


3. What is Dedicated hosting ?

In dedicated hosting only a single user reside on the web server alone. In simple words dedicated hosting is like a house in which only you reside and And you only have the right to do everything on that house.

What is web hosting and hosting meaning ?

In dedicated hosting you get the unlimited bandwidth and resources. In this type of hosting you get the better security, privacy and performance.

Many large size websites  like ebay,olx, flipkart etc uses dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is more expensive than above hosting types.


4. What is Cloud hosting ?

In cloud hosting there are multiple servers over which a single website is hosted. If a server get slowdown or crashed due to some technical reasons, then  the website will be serve on the other server of that cloud web hosting.

What is web hosting and hosting meaning ?

Cloud hosting is better than the above web hostings but due to better functionality cloud hosting is very costly.



Where to buy web hosting ?

You will find many companies to buy hosting which will provide you better web hosting services.  Some best web hosting companies are:-

  • Bluehost ( recommend for WordPress)
  • Godaddy
  • Hostgator
  • Reseller club
  • A2 hosting (cheap web hosting)

To buy a web hosting you can use your debit card and net banking.

If you are going to create blog or website on WordPress then I recommend you to use bluehost hosting, because wordpress also recommended bluehost web hosting.

What is web hosting ?

In Bluehost you get the free Domain name and free SSL certificate. You only have to pay for hosting.



Things to keep in mind while buying web hosting ?

Before buying a web hosting you have to keep some thing in mind. These are : –



Diskspace is a hosting storage where you store you website’s data and informations. Some web hosting companies can provide you hosting from 5 GB to unlimited storage.

So before buying a web hosting you should check its diskspace . Choose web hosting with disk space 10GB or above.



All  of you will know about RAM. In hosting it is also called as physical memory. More the RAM you have more will be your website speed and performance.


Customer support

Buy  web hosting from that web hosting provider who gives you better customer support. Bluehost, godaddy , resellerclub, a2 hosting etc provides 24×7 customer support.



A bandwidth means , per second how much data you access. If you choose a hosting with low bandwidth then your website will run slowly or sometimes it will not open.

So choose the hosting with more bandwidth to increase your website speed and performance.

I hope you like our post – What is hosting? and hosting meaning.

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What is web hosting and hosting meaning ?

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