How to earn money online at home

Many of us think about making money online, But don’t know how to earn money online.

Now the time has changed. You can earn a lot of money sitting at home with the help of internet. In web you get the lots of methods to make money online.

Today in this post we will tell you about some methods by which you can earn money online at home. These all the methods are free and 100 % genuine. Even you do not have to spend any money for them.

Note : If all these methods are free, then it does not mean that you do not have to do anything.  No one will give you money for free sitting at home. In these methods you have to do some work . And believe me, with some hard work you can earn lots of money using these methods.



How to earn money online


Here are some free methods to make money online at home.


1. Youtube

How to earn money online at home

The reason why i am listing the youtube at first position is that, with the help of the youtube anyone can make money. Youtube is totally free and genuine way to earn money. You can create a channel on youtube and can monetise it with the adsense and can start earning.

In youtube you don’t have to do enough hard work instead of other online earnings methods. You can create your interest ( Tech, Fashion, Cars, Health)  related channel on youtube. Once your youtube channel got famous then your earnings will automatically increasing.



2. Online Earnings Apps

How to earn money online at home

The second method is online earnings apps. On the internet you get the lots of earnings apps with the help of which you can earn enough money. In these you get some paid and free earnings apps. 

In our previous post we have told about some free money earning apps. You can also use these apps to earn money from home.



3. Blogging

How to earn money online at home

You must have heard about blogging. You can also make money using blogging. By searching on the internet you will find many bloggers who are earning $1000 – $5000 of the month. 

In blogging you have to create a blog/website related to your interest or niche like technology, education, news, health etc. And you can use the adsense ads and some affiliate programs to earn money from your blog/website.



4.  Amazon/ Flipkart/ebay Affiliate Programs

How to earn money online at home

Many of you may not know about affiliate marketing. Large online shopping companies like Amazon and eBay have started their affiliate programs. In these affiliate programs, you have to promote these company’s products.

And if someone buy your promoted product then these companies will give you some percentage of commission of that product’s price. The more you will sell the product, the more money you will earn. This is the best method to make money from home.

In these affiliate programs you can earn more money than youtube and blogging, It depends upon you how hard you work.



5.  Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

How to earn money online at home

Instead of online shopping product you can also do affiliate marketing of some best web hosting companies – BluehostA2hosting, Hostgator, Siteground etc. After joining the affiliate program of any web hosting company, you have to promote their web hosting services through referral links and banners.

If someone sign up to their web hosting through your referral , then your can earn upto $60 – $80.  Even some web hosting companies gives $100 – $140 per sign up. I hade also joined the Bluehost and a2hosting affiliate programs.

You can see the affiliate banners.  You can promote your affiliate link through youtube , social media and blog & website.



6.  Reselling

How to earn money online at home

Yes! You can also make money by reselling the online products. Their are many reselling apps in internet like meesho and glowroad by the use of which you can start your reselling business.

Reselling is bit like affiliate marketing But in reselling you have to set the price of that online product which you want to resell. The price you set have to be more than the listing price of that product.

If someone buy that product through your referral link then You will get the money between the listing price and the set price as a commission. By reselling the online products you can make lots of money and you can make money from home.
These all are the best free and genuine ways to make money online.

I hope you like our post- how to make money online at home. To get our latest  post subscribe the blog . Thankyou for giving us your precious time.

How to earn money online at home

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