All in one emergency helpline app 112-India

We had already published a post on India’s single emergency helpline number 112. In which we told you when it was launched, which emergency helpline numbers are integrated with it, its features and the launch state. Today in this post we will tell you about all in one emergency helpline app 112-India.

Here we will tell you how to use this 112-India emergency app, how to join this 112-india, edit your 112 profile , add your contacts etc. In this website you can also get the informations in hindi. Visit “hindi mein jankari” section to get the informations in hindi language.



All in one emergency helpline app 112-India

we will tell you step by step about 112- India emergency app launched by the home ministry of india. From joining the App to how to use the app we will give you all the information.


How to join 112- India


STEP 1 :            First install the 112-India app from the google play store.


112-india emergency android app


STEP 2 :              After installing the 112-India app, open the app. Select your state and  then enter you mobile number. Now you will an OTP. Now enter the OTP.

How to join 112 india emergency app


STEP 3 :               Now you have to fill your all the details like your full namedate of birth, your gender etc. Select the volunteer section your want to act as a volunteer. After filling all the details click on submit button.

How to use 112-india emergency app

Now you will get to the 112-India dashboard where you will see your current location and all the emergency helpline numbers like police , fire, health  and others.

How to use 112-india emergency app


How to use 112-India

STEP 1 :             Click on that emergency button from whome you want to get help. If you want help from police then click on police button and if you want help from others then click on others button.

How to use 112-india112-india emergency app


STEP 2 :                 After clicking on the above emergency helpline numbers, a panic signal will be sent to your state emergency  headquarter. This panic signal contains your current location and number. After receiving your panic signal you will get an immediate response from 112 emergency service.

How to use 112 emergency helpline app

If you got safe from the emergency then you can click on i am safe button.


How to add contacts in 112- India

As we described in the previous post that your panic signal is sent to your state emergency headquarter and your added contacts both . To sent your panic signal to your contacts, you have to add your contacts first.


STEP 1 :             To add your contacts in 112-india app first go to your app menu. Then  go to your profile section. Now click on the add contacts button as shown in the image below.

How to add contacts in 112-india emergency app


STEP 2 :              Here to add your contacts click on the plus sign and then select your contacts which you want to add.

How to add contacts in 112-india112-india emergency app

Now your contacts will be added to your 112-india emergency app.


How to remove contacts  from 112-  India

STEP 1 :              To remove a contact from your 112-india emergency app first click and hold on that contact which you want to  remove.

How to remove contacts from 112india emergency app


STEP 2 :                Select your contact and then click on the minus sign as shown in the image below. After this your added contact will be removed successfully.

How to remove contacts from 112-india emergency helpline app

I hope you like our post – all in one emergency helpline app 112-India.

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