Youtube Launched Their Youtube Music App In India

Yes ! All of you heard right. Now youtube launched their youtube music app in india. Now you can listen all the wordwide songs at one place. And not just this, You can also watch songs video along with music. This is one of the best feature that you will not find in any other music app.

Youtube music app

Basic and premium version of youtube music

Youtube launched their youtube music app in two versions. First one is basic and the other one is premium.

Basic youtube music

In the basic version of youtube music app. Where you get the limited feature of this youtube music app such as play songs without shuffling, official songs and album and remix & more only these three features. You can’t download and play music in the background in the basic version of youtube music.

Premium youtube music

In the premium version of youtube music app you get all the premium function to this app. You can download music through his app, can play music in the background even with your smartphone screen locke, ads free music video and other features. In the premium version you get the first three months free trial. After this free trial you have to pay some money per month.

Youtube music app premium version

Interface of youtube music app

Lets we talk about the interface of this youtube music app. This youtube music app comes with a dark theme which looks great. Easy to access every function and features of this music app. You get only three button home, hotlits and library at the bottom of this app screen.

Features of youtube music app

Youtube music app comes with the great features which are as follow.

Music languags and artists

After sign in to youtube music app you have to select music language first. It contains almost all the languages like hindi, english, marathi, Punjabi, bhojpuri, Gujarati etc. After selecting your language you have to select your music artists like the famous music artists arijit singh, justin bieber , ariana grande , badshah etc.

Youtube music language and artists

New realeases and office jukebox

In youtube music app you also get all the new released songs. whenever a song is released it will be shown in youtube music new release section. You also get the jukebox music here.

Youtube music new releases

Easy music controller buttons

Youtube music app comes with the easy music controller. It has play, backward and forward song button. You can also watch that song video while listening the music. To know the songs details you can click on the i button.

Youtube music player controllers

Today’s popular hits

Here in this section you will get the today’s all the popular songs. These songs can be bollywood mix or bollywood romantic and classic.

Youtube music today's popular hits

India’s all time hits

Here you get the all time hits songs in india. Here you get the playlist of all time hits songs including international hits, Bollywood hits, punjabhi hits songs etc.

Youtube music india's all time hit

Hot list

In the hotlists section of youtube music aap you get the trending music videos which are viewed the most. In hot list you can check which song video is in trending in india.

Youtube music video hotlists

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Here we described all the features and function of youtube music app. If you have any suggestions you can comment us below.


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