How To Send Money To Self On Phone Pe


As we know that phone pe is one of the best app for online payments  in india. Phone pe  allow us to send money from one phone pe wallet to another wallet and bank to bank transfer.

Now how we can send money to self from this phone pe app ? Now its possible to send money from your one bank account to another bank account on phone pe. Phone pe gives you a feature of sending money to self.

You can transfer money in between the  banks which you have added to the phone pe payment app. To send money to self you have to link your that account first with phone pe, where you want to send money.


How to send money to self on phone pe

Here we will tell you how to send money to self on phone pe.  We will tell you step by step how to transfer money among the banks which you have listed on the phone pe app. If you can’t understand any step given below you can comment us. Now lets start.

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STEP 1 :             Open the phone pe app and then click on the to self button.
If you have not yet made an account on the phone pe, Install phone pe app now  and create an account on phone pe. Link your  bank accounts with phone pe app.

Send money to self on phone pe


STEP 2 :              Now select your bank account where you want to send money from your another bank account. As i selected the icici bank in the image below.


Transfer money among banks on phone peSTEP 3 :             Here now enter the amount you want to transfer. After that select the bank from you want to send money to your bank. Now click on the send button and enter your UPI pin for confirmation.

 Send money to self on phone pe

STEP 4 :            Your money will be successfully send to your bank that you had selected at the first.  You will receive the confirmation  message after 5 to 10 minutes.

How to transfer money among your banks on phone pe



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