How to enable bottom toolbar in google chrome

Google chrome  is one of the best app for browsing internet in your smart phone. Chrome browser comes with the great feature like add the web page to home screen, find a word in the webpage , dark theme mode and many other features.

Today in this post we are giving you a trick with the help of which you can move the google chrome browser’s search address bar to the bottom of the screen.

This trick works only on the latest version of the chrome browser. If you didn’t update your chrome browser, you have to update your google chrome brower first.


How to enable bottom toolbar in google chrome

Here we tell you step by step how to enable the bottom toolbar in the google chrome browser. If you can’t understand any step , you can comment us below.


STEP 1 :             First open the google chrome browser app. Here you can see the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Chrome browser mein  toolbar kaise enable karen

STEP 2 :                 Search – chrome://flags in the search bar of your chrome browser.

Chrome flags to enable chromes bottom toolbar

STEP 3 :                    Here in this website you have to search  chrome duet in the search bar as show in the image below.

Chrome duet to enable chrome toolbar

STEP 4 :              Now you have to enable the chrome duet. Your chrome browser will be relaunched.

Enable toolbar at the bottom of chrome browser

STEP 5 :               After the relaunch of the chrome browser a toolbar will be added to bottom of the chrome browser.

Enable bottomtoolbar in google chrome
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