How To Download HP Ration Card With Aadhaar Number

Now the Himachal Pradesh Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department provides new digital ration cards to all himachal pradesh households. These ration cards are linked with the aadhaar cards of the each family members. And whenever you take a ration from fair price shop, you have to scan your biometrics first.

As we know that himachal pradesh govt gives great importance to women. So the Himachal pradesh food, civil supplies and consumer affairs department announced that all the digital ration cards will be made in the name of women. All the ration cards are made in the name of the main woman of the house.

Sometimes you lose your ration card and do not know what to do. Now you no need to panic. You do not need to create or re-apply for a new ration card. And you do not even need to go to civil supplies office.

Now you can download hp ration cards on your android smartphone at home. With the help of your aadhaar number you can easily print your ration card on your mobile or desktop. lets start ..

How to download hp ration card with aadhaar number

Here in this post we will tell you step by step how to download hp ration card with aadhaar number. If you have any questions you can comment us .
STEP 1 : First open a browser in your desktop/mobile. Now you have to visit the himachal pradesh transparency portal’s website –

Transparency portal himachal pradesh

STEP 2 : Now go to the FPS ration card section as shown in the image below. After this click on the print ration card.

Download himachal pradesh ration card

STEP 3 : Here select your input type first. Select aadhaar as your input type. Now enter your aadhaar number and then click on search button.

Print your ration card online

Note : You can enter aadhaar number of any member linked with your ration card.
STEP 4 : Now your ration card will be shown. You can check your name, ration cards details and members linked with this ration card. To download/print your ration card click on the print button.

Print himachal pradesh ration card online

In this way you can also download/print your ration card. And you can use this ration card as your original ration card.

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