How to add facebook shortcut to android lock screen

Hello friends? i hope you all are good. We’ve told you a lots of android tips and tricks in this blog. And in the same way we will continue to give you information in the future. Today in this blog we will tell you how to add facebook shortcut to android lock screen or how to add facebook widget to android smart phone lock screen.

To access facebook on your android phone, you have to first unlock your smartphone. After unlocking your smartphone you have to visit your phone menu and then you can access your facebook app. But By creating the shortcut of Facebook app to your android lock screen, you can access facebook directly from your lock screen.

Now in almost every android smartphones you will get the feature of creating app shortcut. With the help of this feature you can create the shortcut of any application to your android lock screen.

How to add facebook shortcut to android lock screen

Here in this post we will tell you step by step how to do this. If you can’t understand any steps or you have any suggestions for us, you can comment us below.

STEP 1 :           To create the facebook shortcut on your android lock screen first visit your android phone settings.

add facebook shortcut to android lock screen

STEP 2 :                  Now in the settings go to the lock screen section. And then you have to click on the app shortcuts option.

How tp add facebook widget to android low screen

STEP 3 :             Here click on the right shortcut option. Now you have to choose the facebook app for this option. Now save your settings.

Facebook shortcut to android lock screen

NOTE : You can add/create facebook shortcut in both the left shortcut or right shortcut section.

STEP 4 :               Now lock your android smart phone. Here you can see the facebook app widget at the bottom right side of your android device.

Add facebook widget to your mobile lock screen

In this way you can also create your facebook app shortcut to your android smart phone.

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