Screen recorder apps for android smart phone

If you are a youtuber or blogger then you will know what is a screen recorder application. The screen recorder application is a tool which allow you to record your smartphone screen activity such as which folder you visit,where you click on the screen. In other words it do video recording of your smart phone screen.

Why we need these screen recorder apps

If you are a youtuber and want to make videos for your youtube channel with the use of your smartphone such as mobile related tips & tricks, educational tutorials, Informational tutorials etc. To record such tutorials videos you will need a screen recorder app. Screen recorder apps also helps you to make tutorials for your blog posts.

And one of my favorite reason why i use these screen recorder apps is that if you are not able to download a video from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc on your smart phone, then you can record these videos with these screen recorder app.

Screen recorder app for android smart phone

Here in this post we are giving you the 5 best screen recorder apps for your android smart phones. We listed these screen recorder apps according to their features and quality. Some apps may not be compatible with your android device. So try another app. These are the best screen recorder apps available in the Google play store.

Here are the best 5 screen recorder apps:

#1. Du screen recorder

Du screen recorder

Du recorder is one of the best free screen recorder app for android Smartphones. I also use this android app for recording the tutorials. This tool allows you to record high quality videos in one click with no recording time limit, no need to root your device etc. With the use of this screen recorder you can livestream your video on youtube, can easily edit, cut, trim videos, app watermark removal and also allows you to share your recorded videos. You can manage recording settings such as video resolution, video quality, FPS etc according to your own. This app also have a face cam option by which you can record your smart phone screen with your face in it. Du screen recorder app has more then 100M+ downloads on google play store.

#2. Mobizen

Mobizen screen recorder

Mobizen is also a free android app for screen recording. I also use this tool for my Samsung smart phone. For Samsung smart phone’s mobizen gives a perticular android application named Mobizen for Samsung . Mobizen is very easy to use which also allows you to cut,trim and edit your recorded videos. In just one click you can record your android device screen in Full HD.You can also change videos quality, resolution, FPS etc according to your own. The features of watermark removal and face cam are also available in mobizen screen recorder app.

#3. AZ screen recorder

Az screen recorder

AZ screen recorder is an another amazing screen recorder tool for android devices. This is very easy to use and you can record videos in just one click.This app allows you to record videosin HD & Full HD, no need of root, no watermark, no time limit,ads free android app. The features of livestream, facecam, edit & trim videos are available in tgis screen recorder tool. In AZ screen recorder you can also manage the videos quality according to your own.

#4. ADV screen recorder

Adv screen recorder

ADV screen recorder is another free tool for recording your smart phone screen. The one thing i love in this screen recorder app you can draw anything on the screen while recording. This screen recorder app is similar to the above app. It is a free, no need to root your device, no time limit, no watermark and ads free android screen recorder app. Like the other apps you can manage the video settings according to your own. You can pause and play your recording at any time. also you can edit and share your recorded videos.

#5. YouTube Gaming

Youtube gaming screen recorder

Youtube gaming app is a great app for gaming youtubers. This app allows you to record and livestream your gaming videos. I Listed this application for my youtubur brother who runs their gaming channel in youtube. This app looks similar to the official YouTube app. But in this app you can only see the gaming videos. This app only record your games and it doesn’t record your screen activity like the other screen recorder apps.

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We hope you like these screen recorder apps. Thank you for giving us your precious time.
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