Best video compressor apps for android

In addition to the computer you can compress the size of your videos in the mobile phone also. With mobile phone you can easily reduce the size of your video file and you can increase your mobile storage.

If you are looking for best video compressor apps for you android smart phone , then you are at the right place. Here we give you best video compressor apps for android smart phone and these can be used to compress big sized videos to small sized videos.

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Why we need these video compression apps?

if you want to send videos to other from gmail, whats app, instagram, facebook etc. But you can’t send them due to their large size. With the help of these video compressor software/apps you can reduce the size of these videos and after that you can send these videos to your friends.

By the use of these video compressor apps you can compress video with large size to small size video. Due to this you can store lots of videos without the risk of getting your mobile storage full.


Video compressor apps for android Smart Phone

Here we give you best video compressor apps. I use some of them myself too. Really these apps are easy to use and can compress video without losing the quality of that video. Here we list these video compression apps according to their features and quality of the app. These all are the free video compressor apps.


1. Video Compress

Video compress android app

This is one of the best android app to compress videos. I also use this app and is easy to use. With the use of this video compressor app you can reduce video size up to 90%. By this app, you can also extract the MP3 of your video. To compress the videos just open the app and click on the video you want to compress. You can customise your video’s resolution and quality according to your own with its custom feature.


2. Vid Compact – Video compression

Vidcompact video compressor app

Vid compact is also a great video compressor tool which comes with a trim and compress feature, in which you can compress your video as well as you can trim that video. With the help of this app you can compress your video size up to -91%. Also from this android application you can convert you video to MP4 format.It does not comes with a custom feature like the above video compress app, you just have to compress your video by selecting the resolution given in the app only.


3. Video Compressor- Fast compress video and photo

Video compressor- fast compress videos and photos

As the name suggests, it compresses videos as well as photos. It also come with cut & compress and extract to MP3 features. By the use of this video compressor tool you can reduce the size of your video up to 80- 85%, and you can compress your video to high or low quality. This is also a great application to compress video and photos and the size of this app is only 2.6 MB.


4. Smart video compressor and resizer

Smart video compressor and resizer

This is also a great and one of my favourite tool for compressing large size videos to small size videos.This video compressor app comes a custom feature in which you can adjust dimension,video compression speed (fast/medium/slow) and quality of your video according to your own. You can also customise the length of video in this app.

5. Panda video compressor

Panda video compressor

In panda video compressor you can compress your videos in just three steps. First choose your video, select size and then click on compress. I also use this video compressor tool. To reduce the size of video in this tool, you just have to select the size only

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We hope you like these video compressor apps. Thank you for giving us your precious time.

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