How To Create A Blog In Blogger

How to create a blog for free in blogger:

Before creating a blog, we would like to give some information about blogging.

As we know that everyone has their own talents.Someone specializes in technological information and some in heath & fitness Informations. With the help of blogging, many people can bring their talents to the world. Besides this, They can earn some money with Blogging. In blogging, you have to write a post on your topic. And you have to index the post in the Google search engine. Indexing information will be given to you later.After the index of the post. Anyone can view your post by searching. And he can get the information you wrote.

There are many platforms to create a blog like Blogger, WordPress , Tumblr , Wix , Joomla etc. Some are free and some are paid . Blogger is the best platform for one who wants to make blog without money. ( note: But you have to purchase a domain )

Now we will tell you step by step how to start a blog for free along with the Blogger Platform :


Create Account:

First open blogger website ( in any browser (chrome ,firefox).
then click on the Sign in button . Now sign in with your google account .

create a blog in blogger

Name A Blog :

After signing in, you have to click the “Create A Blog” button. Now fill The required fields ,blogger name and blogger address ,Choose a theme and click on the create blog button. After that you can buy domains from Blogger or you can skip. Now your blog has been created

how to create a blog in blogger

Customize Your Blog Layouts:

Now click on the layout . Here you can customize your blog’s theme layouts.
You can make it according to your own. You can add new gadgets to it or delete the existing gadgets according to your own .
after customization save the changes.
Note : You can use pre-customized blogger themes instead of custom blogger templates.  In a new post we will give you information about how to upload a custom blogger template to blogger blog.

customize blogger theme's layouts

Create a Post :

Go to Post Section and Click on creat a new post . Now give your post a title on which you want to write your post. Now write your post in the post section.You can use tool bar to upload images and videos .You can publish it after the post is completed.
You can visit to your blog site by clicking on view blog .

write a post in blogger


Make Money With Adsense:

In Blogger, you can earn money with the help of Google Adsense. After writing certain posts you can apply for google adsense. After getting the approval of the adsense, ads will be shown on your blog site. And you will start making money

make money with adsense in blogger blog

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