How to compress video without losing quality

if you want to know how to compress video of large size to a small size video without losing the quality of that video, then you are at the right website.

Some people have lots of videos and movies in their mobile phone. Having more videos/movies can keep your mobile’s storage full. Due to which you can not store other data in your mobile phone. Also if you want to send a video to someone on social media but due to large size of that video you will not be able to send it. Don’t worry we have a solution for this. In this post, we are going to tell you a method by which you can store thousands of videos/movies in your mobile phone and your mobile storage will not be full.

In this post we will tell you how you can compress a large size video to small size video without losing the quality of that video.

How to compress video without losing quality

Here we are giving you an app by which you can compress any Videos/movies. This app name is “VidCompact”. This app is a great to compress your large size movies or videos. You can compress size of a video upto 90% from this app. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

How to compress a video in VidCompact

Step 1.

Download the VidCompact app in your android smartphone. Now open the app and then click on “Trim & Compress”.

Vid compact video compressor

Step 2.

Now select that video which you want to compress. Here you can compress your video size according to yourself. Select the resolution you want for your video.

How to compress videos size

Step 3.

Now click on save button at the right top. Click “save to gallery” button. Now your video is going to compress. It takes some time. After the process is completed, your video will be saved to your gallery.

Compress your video size with vidcompact

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