How To Buy A Domain For Your Blog Or Website

Today in this blog we will tell you how to buy a domain for your blog or website. Firstly we would like to give you some information about the domain


What is a Domain ?

A domain name is your website’s specific address, example – With this domain name, any user can access your website.Domain name can be any combination of numbers & letters and can be used in conjunction with various extensions,.org, .in ,.uk and more.
Every website has its own unique domain and can not be the same domain for two website. If someone searches for your website’s domain then it will go to your website not to other website.In Simple words a domain is like a address of your website.

Now we will tell you how to buy a Domain for your blog or websites
Now a days there are many platforms to buy a domain for your blog or website like Bluehost, Godaddy, HostGator,1&1 and more. Here we will tell you how to buy a domain from godaddy wevsite. Godaddy comes in top ten world’s best domain-buying websites.Its also gives privacy protection and hosting to your website domain.

Step by step we will tell you, how to buy a Domain from Godaddy

Create A GoDaddy Account

First open the Godaddy website in your browser( Now click on the sign in button and create your Godaddy account. Sign in with your gmail account Or you can continue with facebook. Now your Dodaddy account have been created

how to create go daddy account

How To Buy A Domain

how to search your domain in go daddy

Go to the godaddy website’s homepage as shown in the above image . Now type your blog or website name in the search box and then click search. Now you see various domains with their extension example: , , .Now add your domain to cart what you want to buy. Then click on continue to cart button.

add your domain to cart in go daddy

Subscriptions and payments

After continue to cart , You can add Privacy protection ,Hosting etc to your domain.If you dont want to add them click on no thanks option . and then click continue.

How to buy domain from go daddy

Now you have to put your billing informations
.you can also change your Domain validity to any years depending upon you . Now click on the payment button.
payment with Visa Card ,mastercard ,netbanking etc.
Now You have purchased your domain. That’s all

How to buy a domain for your blog or website

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