Best Platforms To Create A Blog Or Website

Every blogger wants to build his blog from the best blogging platform , where he can found the features of his choice. And where they can customize the blog accordingly to own. Here in this post we will tell you about the blogging’s best platforms and their features.

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Here we give you best blogging platforms:-


2. Blogger
3. Wix
4. Squarspace
5. Medium
6. Tumblr
7. Joomla

Best Platforms To Create A Blog Or Website


Wordpress blogging platform is the most popular blog building platform. Anyone without the knowledge of html & css coding can create a blog in wordpress.You can customize your blog to your own. The best feature of WordPress is its plugins (wooplr ,adsense redirects and others more). If you do not know the coding of something, then you just have to install its plugin. You have to pay a little bit to create a blog on wordpress because wordpress plugins are not available in the free package of wordpress.

#2. Blogger

Blogger blogging platform is a product of Google. This is a totally free blogging platform. It provides you free hosting for you blog. You can use third party blogger templates in blogger blog (click for best blogger templates). In blogger there are limited number of features are available. In this you do not get plugins like WordPress . If you want to blogging without investing money, then i recommend you to choose blogger platform. click to know how to create a blog in blogger.

#3. Wix

Wix blogging platform

Wix is also a great platform to create a blog. Making a blog in wix is so much easy. It comes with amazing drag and drop feature by which you can customize your blog according to your own. It gives feee hosting for your blog and provides you 500+ free themes for your blog.

#4. Squarspace

Squarspace blogging platform

Squarespace is an another blogging platforms. This platform is well known for its great design templates. Blogging in squarespace is easy. This platform provides you free hosting. I know a little bit about this platform. For full informationyou can visit official website of squarespace

#5. Medium

Medium blogging platform

This is a totally free blogging platform. Medium is like a community of bloggers & experts in which you can share your article. In medium you can follow other blogger. It requires no html and css coading skills. Just write a content and publish it. It’s a kind of social network where you can read each other’s content and can follow them. Interface like WordPress and Blogger doesn’t get to see in medium.

#6. Tumblr

Tumblr  blogging platform

This is a same as Medium. There are limited number of features available in Tumblr. This is like a community of bloggers in which you can share your article and can follow others. like medium this a kind of social network where you can read each other’s content and can re-blog or post other article. The more followers you have , the more your article will be read.

#7. Joomla

Joomla blogging platform

You can also create a blog in joomla . It provides you plugins like wordpress , they are called as extensions. Gives you free hosting. This is similar to wordpress but there is a slight difference between them.For more informations goa ato joomla official website.

Based on the experience of blogging, i want to tell something. If you are new and do not know anything about blogging. And want to make a blog. I recommend you go to Blogger. It’s good to create blogs in Blogger for new people and who does not know anything about blogging. For the rest of the remaining platforms, it is important for blogging to be perfect. your content should be unique. You can not post stupid things there.

If you can put a little money then I’ll suggeste you to go for wordpress, because you get lots of plugins in WordPress. Also WordPress does not even require so much knowledge of html coding.

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